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An (Almost) Complete List of All the Movies I have Ever Watched

Here’s a list of all of the movies I have ever watched. A few things about the list,

  • This is by no means a complete list because I have been watching movies for a long time and I didn’t start keeping a list until I was in High School.
  • My memory of a lot of the movies are fuzzy at the best. I mean to re-watch a lot of these. But I haven’t gotten around to doing it yet somewhat due to time constraints and mostly due to my innate laziness. Those movies are ‘underlined‘.
  • A lot of the movies in the list are absolute rubbish. In my defense I can blame my days spent at my grandma’s house. Summer at my grandma’s house meant a lot of time to kill. So I killed it with whatever came on TV, a lot of low budget junk, TV movies, direct-to-video movies and what·not. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy at least some of them.
  • My favourites are highlighted (as in they are of a different colour from the rest of the names).

Here are the movies by decades,


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