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Can you hear me in the back? Hello?

Hello! Welcome to A Life in Movies, a place where I post reviews of the movies I watch and any other movie related unstructured thoughts that come to my head.

The first question that comes to my mind is, “How?”. I already have a book related blog, A Paperback LifeFor the past one year I have been doggedly trying to keep it running smoothly. Do I really think I can keep two blogs running?

Secondly, What?”. What on earth do know about movies (or anything for that matter)? What can I possibly say that can be of any use to anyone?

Well, the first one I am not sure about and am frankly pretty scared that I have bitten off more than I can chew. To answer the second question, well I can give my honest impressions of anything I watch. It may not be interesting or helpful to anyone but but then again it just might be. At least I will have the satisfaction of expressing myself.

Having a mother who never forbade me from doing ‘almost’ anything, I started watching whatever came my way from an early age. By the time I turned 16 I had already watched a whole lot of terrible tosh and  some of the greatest movies ever made. The end result is that my taste in movies have become a veritable mish mash of different eras, genres and languages. I have no fixed favourite genres so I have no idea which films I will enjoy and which I wouldn’t.

Consequently, A Life in Movies will be a place where anything can be unleashed from Rear Window to Grease, Alien to The French Lieutenant’s Woman, The New World to Labor Pains!

Here’s hoping that what I manage to turn out is not absolute garbage and A Life in Movies manages to draw a reader or two!

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